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Hire. Develop. Retain.

In today’s competitive landscape, finding the right talent is more challenging and expensive than ever.  The only thing more costly than hiring the right talent is NOT hiring the right talent.  Your business, your staff, and your patients all can be impacted negatively by not having your team in place.  Let us introduce you to the best talent whose philosophies and goals align with yours!

Move your practice(s) forward by leveraging us for:

  • Direct hire placement of executives and dental team members

  • Talent acquisition platform assessment

  • Recruitment strategy development

  • Employer presentation and branding

  • Compensation market analysis

  • Retention strategy development
  • Behavioral interview training for hiring managers

Save Time

It is time intensive to attract, review, evaluate, and land the talent needed to be successful. We welcome the opportunity to act with a sense of urgency in thoroughly prequalifying the highest performers in the industry allowing you to quickly be fully staffed.

Spend Less

Staffing is costly. Consider not only the expense of hiring, but also the lost revenue​ incurred by not being appropriately staffed. Estimates show turnover can cost up to 3 years’ salary of the vacant position. We can reduce the cost of finding top performers faster.

Hire the Best

We share your sense of urgency to be fully staffed. However, your goals will only be accomplished with a team that is truly aligned. Our thorough, targeted process will help ​find the impact players you need​ to build a strong foundation for your organization.

Improve Retention

Burnout is becoming more prevalent throughout the dental industry. Being fully staffed allows the team to appropriately support each other and your patients. We are not just building a team, but building a culture that will retain both employees and patients.